Crespi Dads Club – Starting the New School Year (20-21) Online

While the Crespi Dads Club (CDC) is back for this school year; we’re back online – like pretty much everything else.

Last year, the CDC organized a family event called Trivia Night and a Monday Night Football meeting/social.  Some potential events for this year include…
  • Father-son go-kart racing event
  • BBQs
  • Inner tube water polo event at the new Robinson Family Aquatics Center.
Please let us know if you have ideas for fun events.

Dads Club Jan 2020 BBQs a Success!

A big thanks to all the Crespi Dads that supported both BBQs held this year!

First we held one for students taking the high school placement exam (HSPT).  Then we held one for Catholic Schools Week Student Appreciation.

The Crespi Dads Club planned and pulled off both events.  Feeding 250+ people on Saturday for HSPT families and then the Friday school day feeding of 500+ students, faculty and staff (600 burgers cooked).

A few pics included below…

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