Crespi Dads Club – Starting the New School Year (20-21) Online

While the Crespi Dads Club (CDC) is back for this school year; we’re back online – like pretty much everything else.

Last year, the CDC organized a family event called Trivia Night and a Monday Night Football meeting/social.  Some potential events for this year include…
  • Father-son go-kart racing event
  • BBQs
  • Inner tube water polo event at the new Robinson Family Aquatics Center.
Please let us know if you have ideas for fun events.

Crespi 2019-20 School Year Zoomed to a Close

The Crespi 2019-20 School Year probably didn’t go as anyone imagined.  COVID-19 required the school to pivot and do remote learning exclusively.  We all got restless about re-opening.  And more recently, civil unrest and protests related to racial inequities abound.

While the seniors will still try and do a ceremony together (the last day of July); they did do an online Zoom ceremony to mark the occasion.   Congrats to the Crespi Carmelite High School Class of 2020!

Enjoy your summer everyone.  The Dads Club will be back when school resumes – and we’ll continue our motto, “Help Where You Can, When You Can.”

Take care and be safe.

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